Based in N. Ireland, Marty produces a wide range of illustration styles, using both digital and traditional methods. His work has appeared in just about all forms of print and media. He is a multi-skilled artist with interests in fine art, illustration, music, photography and writing.

Marty graduated from Queens University Belfast and the Ulster University Belfast where he studied Creative Multimedia and Graphic Design and Illustration. Having worked as an artist for many years he attained his degrees to hone his design skills and master new techniques.

picture of martyHe enjoys the challenge of being an artist and illustrator as no two projects are the same and every project is different. Marty works in a variety of mediums such as acrylic and watercolour, although for commercial reasons he usually combines his painting skills with digital methods in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Although he has studied animation and done photo montage work, art and illustration have always been his favoured pursuit.

He is a very versatile illustrator and uses light and atmosphere in his work to create mood and make dramatic scenes, he creates stunning, powerful works of art and is passionate about creating work that gives much satisfaction to the viewer.

He has won awards for his paintings, and has sold numerous artworks, which have been well received, many of which are to be found in private collections around the world.

He has been extremely fortunate over the years to have worked with lots of interesting and creative people with no shortage of great ideas, his interpretations of which can be seen in the portfolio section of his site.

So please have a look round and don’t hesitate to drop him a line if you would like to discuss a project of your own, large or small.